Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

Regular Courses

Regular Course/Tution



2 years (entrance in April)

This course term is 2years.Japanese skills can be put from the beginner’s level surely and gradually. This is the best for learners who have only studied Japanese a little.

1 year and 9 months (entrance in July)

This course term is 1year and 9months.This course is suitable for learners who have studied Japanese a little, is aiming at going on to school of higher degree. It is possible to finish studying upper Japanese. In case of already having intermediate degree, student can achieve to advanced level.

1 and half a year (entrance in October)

This course is suitable for learners who have finished beginner’s course and are aiming at going on a school of higher grade. However, it is possible for learners even in beginner’s level to finish studying intermediate / upper level, also possible to go higher school.

1 year and 3 months (entrance in January)

This course is the best for learners in intermediate level and aiming at going on to a school of higher grade. Even if starting from beginner’s level, it’s possible to achieve Japanese Proficiency Test N2 level.

1 year (entrance in April)

This is the best for learners in the level of 1 or 2 of Japanese Proficiency Test and who are aiming at going on to a school of higher grade. Moreover, this is also recommended to learners who want to acquire advanced ability of Japanese.

Japanese comprehensive preparation curriculum

Before the entrance into our school, it’s needed to take the writing exam and interview for checking your Japanese skills and also which class, level you should belong to.


School expenses according to a course list (A consumption tax is crowded)

CourseSelection feeEntrance feeTuition feeothersTeaching aterTotal
1year 9months¥20,000-¥50,000-¥1,169,000-¥157,500-actual¥1,396,500-
1year 6months¥20,000-¥50,000-¥1,002,000-¥135,000-actual¥1,207,000-
1year 3months¥20,000-¥50,000-¥835,000-¥112,500-actual¥1,017,500-
Short program 3 month¥20,000-¥200,000-actual¥220,000-
Working holiday 3 months¥20,000-¥200,000-actual¥220,000-

 ※ Personal accident insurance for pre-college students 10,000 yen (For 1 year from April)