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preparation curriculum

Japanese comprehensive preparation curriculum



In Japanese education system, there are 6 years for primary school, 3 years for secondary school and 3 years for high school which are totally 12 years of education.
Studying overseas could be seen as opening a chance for high quality of university and it is necessary to determine that your ability better over what you have studied for 12 years by mother tongue or not.
To follow this procedure and get to the entrance of university, fluent Japanese ability is definitely required.
Fundamental subjects are divided into literature and science. In literature area there are mathematic I and society and in science area there are physics, chemistry and mathematic II which are required to study. English is stated as a common subject. In addition, EJU preparation which is necessary for university entrance examination would be conducted simultaneously.

Japanese comprehensive preparation education – 2 year level (April entrance)

2 years studying course which is reasonable for one who starts nearly not understanding Japanese then reaches to upper-class level which suitable to correspond to lecture and something like thesis in university.

Japanese comprehensive preparation education – 1 year 6 months level (October entrance)

1 year 6 months studying course which is for one who has completed the study of Japanese beginner class level in native country.

Japanese comprehensive preparation education – 1 year level (April entrance)

1 year of studying course which is for one who completes the study above N3 level of JLPT test in native country.


Classified by courses

CourseSelection feeEntrance feeTuitionOthersTeaching expensesTotal
2years ¥20,000- ¥50,000- ¥1,200,000- ¥320,000- cost ¥1,590,000-
1years 6months ¥20,000- ¥50,000- ¥900,000- ¥240,000- cost ¥1,210,000-
1years ¥20,000- ¥50,000- ¥600,000- ¥160,000- cost ¥830,000-

※ Student insurance fee is 18,000yen(From April to March of the next year)