Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

Pursuing Higher Education

Graduate’s records

Higher educational institutions that students entered after graduating from Meros Language School

Graduate School
National Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Tokyo Gakugei University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Ochanomizu Womens’ University, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tsukuba University, Yokohama National University, Chiba University, National University Corporation Gunma University, Nagaoka University of Technology, Kyushu Institute of Technology, etc
Public Tokyo Metropolitan University, Nagoya City University, Yokohama City University
Private Waseda University, Sophia University, Musashino Art University, Tama Art University, Meiji University, Rikkyo University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Gakushuin University, Tokyo Zokei University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Nihon University, Japan College of Social Work, Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Bunkyo Gakuin University, Hosei University, Daito Bunka University, Kokushikan University, Tokai University, Takushoku University, Musashino University, Kobe Design University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Rissho University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology, SHOBI University, etc
National Tokyo University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ochanomizu University, Yokohama National University, Chiba University, Saitama University, Shinshu University, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Hokkaido University, Ibaragi University, Niigata University, Toyama University, Fukui University, Mie University, Yamanashi University, Iwate University, Fukuoka University, etc
Public Takasaki CIty University of Economics, Tsuru University, The University of Kitakyushu
Private Waseda University, Keio University, Sophia University, Rikkyo University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Musashino Art University, Tokyo Zokei University, Joshibi University Of Art And Design, Kobe Dsign University, Tokyo University of Science, Senshu University, Hosei University, Chuo University, Meiji University, Nihon Pharmaceutial University, Dokkyo University, Gakushuin University, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Komazawa University, Nihon University, Nihon Women’s University, Meiji Gakuin University, Tsuda College, Tama Art University, Rissho University, Toyo University, Takushoku University, Asia University, Bunkyo University, Japan College of Social Work, Kanda University of International Studies, Ferris University, Kokushikan University, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Obirin University, Mejiro University, Meikai University, Kokugakuin University, Seikei University, Kyorin University, Daitou Bunka University, Teikyo University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Musashino University, Bunka Gakuen University, Reitaku University, Ryutsu Keizai University, Keiai University, Toin University of Yokohama, Chuo Gakuin University, Tokyo City University, Seigakuin University, Seibu Bunri University, Shobi University,The Sanno Institute Of Management, Shoin University, Shumei University, Tokyo University Of Technology, Tokyo International University, Chiba University of Commerce, Tokyo University Of Information Sciences, Tokyo Seitoku University, Seitoku University, Soka University, Jobu University, Ashikaga Institute of Technology etc.
Junior Colleges
Private Teikyo Junior College, Kokusai Junior College, Tokyo Management College, Bunka Gakuen University Junior College, Saitama Women’s Junior College, Yamamura Junior College, Yamano College of Aesthetics, Matsumoto University Matsusho Junior College, Takushoku Hokkaido Junior College.
Vocational Colleges
Tokyo Foreign Language College, Japan College of Foreign Languages, Hattori Nutrition College, Tokyo Seishin Technical College for Cooking School, Tokyo Chorishi Technical College, Ecole de Patisserie de Tokio, Tsuji Vocational College of Confectionary, Kagawa Vocational College of Nutrition, Nihon Kashi College, Hollywood Fashion and Beauty College, Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo Mode Gakuen, Nippon Photography Institute, Tokyo Design Academy, ICS College of Arts, Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry, Aoyama Technical College, Kuwasawa Design Collage, Sokei Arts School,Sundai College of Foreign Languages, Shibuya Institute of Foreign Language, Shurin College Of Foreign Language, Ohara Bookkeeping School, JTB Travel&Hotel College,Trajal Hospitality&Tourism College, Tokyo Institute of Tourism, Sundai Travel and Hotel College, The Japan Hotel School, Tokyo Designer Gakuin College, Degital Arts Tokyo, Tokyo Industrial College, Tokyo Multimedia College, Tokyo Communication Arts, Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo International Business College, Tokyo Information Business College, Japan Electronics College, Tokyo Hotel Business College, International College of Travel, International Travel And Hotel College, TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques College, TOHO GAKUEN Sound Technology College, Tokyo Visual Arts, Nakano School Of Business, Tokyo Digital Technical College, Tokyo Industrial , Toyota Technical College Tokyo, Tokyo International Information Business College, Nihon Kenkou Iryou College, Nihon Kenkou Business College, CAD seizu college, Chuo Computer and Communication College, Nissho Mitaka Fukushi College,Tokyo English Specialists College,Tokyo Animation College, etc

* The rate of students who have attended to the next step after graduating from Meros until now is 100%.

Year Candidates Graduate School Universities Junior Colleges Vocational Colleges Passed The pass rate(%)
2003 151 5 59 6 81 151 100%
2004 125 3 66 6 50 125 100%
2005 172 8 89 3 72 172 100%
2006 174 9 68 0 97 174 100%
2007 222 31 83 4 104 222 100%
2008 223 39 91 1 92 223 100%
2009 247 48 125 2 72 247 100%
2010 229 41 125 1 62 229 100%
2011 243 50 127 1 65 243 100%
2012 248 59 114 0 75 248 100%
2013 255 50 97 1 107 255 100%
2014 232 46 89 1 96 232 100%
2015 388 92 129 1 166 388 100%
2016 403 38 197 1 162 403 100%
2017 492 77 210 0 205 492 100%
2018 472 97 190 0 175 472 100%
2019 392 88 126 0 182 392 100%