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Pursuing Higher Education

Graduate’s voices


程 小二

Mr. Cheng Xiaoer (China)

Osaka University, School of Letters, Department of Humanity

I came to Japan three years ago to find something worth living for. I studied Japanese language, culture and manner under the teachers at Meros for two years. I became a friend with many people from various countries. Interacting with my friends from lots of different countries was the most enjoyable thing. I came to Japan and found something worth living for. Three years of experience in Japan gifted my life to me. I’d like to express my gratitude to Japan, Meros, and my teachers.

王 和謙

Mr. Wang Heqian (Taiwan)

Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design Product Design

I came here to study design of Japan. At first, I couldn’t speak Japanese very well and it was hard to explain what I want to say. Since my Japanese is not good enough, I failed to enter Tama Art University in 2012. So, I studied conversational Japanese very hard at Meros. I wasn’t good at talking in Japanese, so I tried to speak in Japanese as much as I can. I could become a friend with people from other countries. I enjoyed talking with them and my conversational Japanese was gradually improved as I talked with them. Thanks to the teachers at Meros, I could enter Tama Art University. I’m grateful for Meros teachers’ commitment.

Veerasaranakit Pavine

Ms. Veerasaranakit Pavine (Thailand)

Employed in Thailand

I started studying Japanese at a University in Thailand. But my Japanese was not good enough when I graduated. To improve my Japanese skill, I decided to study at Meros. I certainly felt nervous at a new environment first, but I never say something like “I’m alone in the world”. Yeah, I was quite anxious at first, but it was okay once I got used to ;) My friends and teachers helped or advised me when I was in trouble. I truly thank them.

Furthermore, classes at Meros are designed for students and you can choose classes that fit you. This is one fine thing at Meros.

羅 明

Mr. Luo Ming (China)

Musashino Art University Graduate School, Visual Communication Department

One year experience at Meros was truly good. There are varieties of teachers, and they make studying Japanese more interesting.. They supported not only our language training but also our dairy life. Since Meros holds many events for art students, I strongly suggest studying at Meros for the students hoping to get into an art university. And also, students of Meros have a number of opportunities to visit Japanese high school. You can make great memories. Please enjoy your international students’ life at Meros!

麦 衍鴻

Mai Yanhong (China)

Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School

It is already hard enough to go abroad and stay in an unfamiliar place and environment, and it is going to be harder to go for your dreams. Nevertheless, I believe you can exceed your limits and open up your future when you decide to come to study Japan and determine to overcome the difficulties.

And all the teachers of Meros will kindly teach you various things and help you out with diligence. I was also in their care a lot. Whatever may happen in the future, my memories of working hard with the help of the teachers and my friends will be a treasure for life.


Dulce Caballero (Mexico)

Sophia University Graduate School

I entered Meros to study in a graduate school. I could study Japanese and brush up my ability in Meros. The Japanese language course let me study Japanese from basic. In the college course, I could prepare for entering a graduate school. Furthermore, there are classes such as culture classes and so on, and I could get fruitful lectures everyday.

Meros supported not only your study but also life in Japan and for getting your VISA.

When I came to Japan, I went through culture shock, homesick and depressed sometime, but people in Meros always looked after me.

In Meros, I was an only Mexican, but the teachers and staffs gave me worm supports and I could spend enjoyable student life without worry.



胡婧 小

Hu Jing (China)

Sophia University

When I first came to Japan, I was full of anxiety. They were teachers of Meros who helped me at that time and I soon found myself enjoying days in Meros. ”Studying is fun”. I learned this phrase through studying in Meros. There are unique teachers, kind classmates, good supports from administrative staffs and variety of courses outside of the language classes. When I look back the days in Meros, I feel this a year and a half language training gives me shining and precious experiences. I met a lot of people, went through various experiences, and made good memories. I am still on the way to achieve my goal, but I can say that the days in Meros will be a treasure in my life. Have a dream and go forward! I believe Meros open up the door of your dream.  


Chi Shanshan (China)

Chuo University Graduate School

I would not understand the true meaning of “independence” if I didn’t come to Japan. Furthermore, if I didn’t choose to study Japanese in Meros, I wouldn’t have a good enjoyable life. Since staying abroad isn’t that easy, acquiring high level of Japanese proficiency is very important to get used to Japanese society and life. When I first came to Japan, I thought my Japanese is good enough and I could study Japanese by myself. At that time, entering graduate school was the most important thing for me, but things didn’t go smoothly. Thanks to the teachers of Meros, I understood it was a big mistake to try to achieve my aim in a hurry. They taught me that if I accumulate knowledge step by step, I can achieve good results at last. Especially, it was helpful to take selective classes for those who want to enter a graduate school. Thanks to the dedicate lectures from the teachers in Meros, I could pass the entrance examination of a graduate school. With the help of the teachers of responsibility, I could go on to the graduate program of my first choice.

Though what I can do is to appreciate their help, my gratitude won’t be disappear after the graduation of Meros.  


Jo Jin-Yeong (Korea)

Tama Art University Graduate School

Threre are three things that I want to say to the students who is preparing for the entrance exams: be confident, do not stop thinking, and keep making effort.

It is difficult to prepare for the entrance exams when you are overseas. Sometimes you lose confident, are worried, and want to quite everything, but please don’t give up. If you believe yourself and keep trying, then you will find yourself laughing at last.

Once you decide to study abroad I want you to think about what your goal is and what you should do for achieving it. After deciding what you want to do, keep thinking about it and develop it. If you can do this, you won’t be deterred by any criticisms form the others.

Last but not the least, you should continue to persevere with study. You can’t get anything if you don’t make any effort even if you get strong supports from your teachers. I want you to spend days in abroad, which is not everybody can do, without regret. 

2013年4月 専門学校HAL IT学部 情報処理学科 入学

Angphoomi (Thailand)

HAL College of Technology & Design

When I first decided to study abroad, I was worried about the classes, life, human relations and so on. Although I had a hard time at first, I soon started enjoying life in japan as teachers in Meros were always looking after me. The atmospheres of the classes are better than I expected and I enjoyed studying with my classmates. I made progress step by step and got used to life in a foreign country. Supposing you are still worried, how about having a little more courage and starting a new life in Japan. You can surely find it more interesting than you imagine now.


Maciej Jacek (Poland)

Return to country

Since I had been interested in Japanese literature and culture, I started studying Japanese. When I really started staying in Japan, my life became full of surprises because there are a lot of things that was different from my expectation. Every day, there were challenges and difficulties for a foreigner who speaks a different language and has a different way of thinking. But now, I’ve got used to the language and acquired skills to stay in Japan. I had a great experience since there were kind classmates, teachers, and strong solidarity in the class. Also I enjoyed the school excursion, party and other events that school offered. I feel entering Meros was a good choice.