Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

Campus life

Student’s voices


In Meros many student come from Asia and many countries. Here is message from students of Meros.

Ms.Patcharin Sae-Tang (Thailand Class B)

I think Japanese is difficult, but if study hard, can do.

Because my family live in Japan. I came to Japan for study Japanese language. My friend who studied Meros, she introduced me. I think teacher in Meros teach us Japanese carefully. I like it. I think Japanese language is difficult, but if I study hard, I can do everything. If my Japanese level is higher, I can get good job. Let’s study together in Meros!

Ms.Hua yu (China Class C)

I want to study Japanese cutting edge fashion.

I think Japanese fashion is cutting edge and No.1 in the world. I came to Japan for studying about fashion. I chose Meros because many students study art as major. I think teachers are very kind, I can make many friends and study very well in Meros, so you can enjoy if you come to Meros!

Mr.Pradeep maharjan (Nepal Class B)

Meros welcome overseas students like family.

I want to study in university in Japan, because Japanese technology field and Japanese people’s life style influence on me. The reason of choose Meros in my country, my teacher recommended that
Meros have good environment for making actions. Meros have good environment for study. Every teacher is very kind. I think best great point is to welcome all oversea students like family in our countries.

Mr.YANG DONG CHEOL (Korea Class D)

Meros’s teachers support you.

Because I like Japanese animation, so I’m interested in Japan. That’s why I decide to study in Japan.
The reason of choose Meros, I hear from agent in Korea, if you want to study go higher school, Meros is good school. I think Meros is good school because many students study there. Meros’s teachers are very kind and treat us carefully, and give us serious advice for go higher school. Therfore, please trust Meros and Teacher, if you have any questions and troubles, please ask them. They will support you!

Ms.TSAO HSIEN TING (Taiwan Class C)

If you don’t know Japanese, Don’t worry!

I came to Japan after I graduated from high school shortly. Because Taiwan and Japan is very close, my relative live in Japan, also I think my parents relieve to study in Japan. I’m interested in Japanese language too. My aunt who lives in Japan studied Japanese at Meros. She recommended Meros, So I decided to study at Meros. I am very satisfied with Meros. My classmate came from many coutries, so I can study many languages from them. Teachers are very kind, if you have any problem, you can get advice from teacher and solve it. If you don’t know Japanese language, you don’t worry because there are some teachers who can speak Chinese, Korean or English. If you think to study Japanese, please come to Meros! Let’s make friend with us. I am waiting your coming.

Mr.James Fam Si Jie(Malaysia Class B)

Enjoy everyday with Meros in lively town, Ikebukuro.

I come to Japan to go university in Japan and have experience of Japanese culture and customs. I like Japanese animation. The reasons to choose Meros are location in livery Ikebukuro, class curriculum is very suitable for me. Meros’s teachers are very kind and unique, teach us very hard so I think Meros is very good. When I have problems, teachers support us and they teach me Japanese with fun. If you like Japan, please come to study to Meros. Meros is located in livery town Ikebukuro. Transportation is very convenience, food also nice taste. You can enjoy everyday.

Ms.Lim Kimberly Carmona (Canada, Class B)

Meros is located in good place.Office staff have intensity.

I came to Japan for support my sister to study comic. But I’m interested in Japanese culture and food. I visited 3 Japanese language schools before I decided to choose Meros. I think Meros is best school because is good location and service. Also I can study various cultures from students besides Japanese. Moreover office teacher is kind and intensity. Fee is not waste.

Mr.Darwin Taniwan (Indonesia Class C)

If you are looking for friends, events with fun, I recommend Meros.

I came to Japan because I like Japanese design and culture, so Iwant to have experience Japanese life. Before I come to Japan, I researched about Japanese language school. Then I found out Meros on internet. I looked photos of events, I think activities of Meros are very interesting.
I am very glad to study at Meros. If you are looking for friends, events with fun, I recommend Meros.

Ms.Bui Quynh Trang(Vietnam Class C)

In Meros, teachers and senior students teach me everything.

Since I was child, I read Japanese comic, I like Japan. Therefore I wanted to go to study in Japan.
Oversea study fair in Vietnam, I knew Meros located in Tokyo. I hear many good comments from senior students,
I decided to study at Meros. After graduate high school, I entered to Meros. I think my choice is good. In Meros, teachers and senior students teach me everything besides Japanese. Students from many countries, therefore it’s good environment for culture exchange.
Ikebukuro is located in central in Tokyo, so convenience for transportation, studying ,enjoy, doing part-time job. School building is large and clean, so best place for studying Japanese. If you want to study in Japan, please come to Meros. We are waiting.

Mr.Rahul Kansal(India Class D)

Thanks to teachers, my Japanese communication skills growing up.

I came to Japan with dreams I work company in Japan in the future. The reason why I decided to study at Meros is to guess I can have various experience because it’s convenience location, that is, in central of Tokyo.I pleased with Meros. If someone wants to study Japanese, I recommend Meros. Because thanks to teachers, my Japanese communication skills growing up. If you come to Japan in the future, please study Japanese in your country in advance.

Nguyen Hong Phuong( Vietnam Class B)

Meros helps my dream come true

Meros helps my dream come true
I am the editor of Ho Chi Minh City Television in Vietnam. Based on the vivid lively pedagogy methods of teachers and the enthusiasm of the staff , I don’t only improve my Japanese language skills, but also gain knowledge of culture and the Japanese people . Besides, Meros also regularly organize many exchange programs between students with the Japan organizations, associations to further strengthen Vietnam-Japan friendship. In the next time, Ho Chi Minh City Television will stimulate the plans which is based on the cooperation with the Japanese television. So, I think the knowledge from the training program at Meros would help my dream come true, which is to become an editor, a good presenter of the programs in cooperation between Vietnam and Japan.