Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

Campus life


Total : 70 ( as JAN. 2018)

  • ◆Matsumoto sensei
    Meros has warm, cheerful atmosphere and many enjoyable events. In addition, Meros teachers are cheerful and unique, and support students with every effort to achieve students’ purposes. Let’s study and have fun together.
  • ◆Nishikata sensei
    Meros always pay attention to each one of the students. Don’t hesitate to come to talk anytime.
  • ◆Sugimoto sensei
    Don’t hesitate and come to join us! So, the door of “the new world” will open.
  • ◆Yamamoto sensei
    We’re looking forward to seeing you in Japan! Let’s make your dreams come true together!
  • ◆Kobayashi sensei
    If you want to know about Japan more, let’s study at MEROS together! We’re looking forward to seeing you!
  • ◆Omizu sensei
    To all the students wishing to be active in the age of globalization — We wish you to make a big leap forward out on the world stage with “real” communication skills which you can gain at Meros.
  • ◆Sasai sensei
    Do you want to have productive days in Japan? Why don’t you study Japanese with delight at Meros?
  • ◆Kimura sensei
    The importance of learning vocabulary is that there should be lots of inputs and outputs. Don’t fear of the mistakes and try to speak Japanese that you could widen your world one day.
  • ◆Kubota sensei
    I’m willing to help you use Japanese happily and fluently. Of course that I also support you prepare for your aim to higher education as well as your daily life. Be unworried and welcome to Meros, everyone is looking forward to meeting you!
  • ◆Hanao sensei
    My favorite word is “smile”. From the bottom of my heart, I really want to support students who always make efforts to have “smiling life” in Japan. Let’s study Japanese together!
  • ◆Tomoda sensei
    In Meros you can meet and make friends with lots of unique students who have the same hobbies like Cartoon, Anime, Fashion, Games,ect. Let’s step on the first step of happy overseas studying life with Meros !
  • ◆Inoue sensei
    I’m willing to help students to make what they want to do and what they want to achieve come true with one by one interaction. Let’s try our best together to be fluent in Japanese and reach you goals!
  • ◆Kondo sensei
    You have thought of studying overseas in Japan, haven’t you?And now, you are standing in front of the door opening to a wide world. Let’s take a step forward!
  • ◆Munakata sensei
    Welcome the students that are interested in Japanese songs or Japanese cartoon! They are also parts of Japanese cultures. I hope the students to acquire Japanese not only by Kanji and grammar, but also through various Japanese cultures. Let’s enjoy Japanese!
  • ◆Naito sensei
    At Meros I’m sure that you can spend enjoyable and fulfilling time. Please come here to talk about your country, Japan and so on.
  • ◆Tadaki sensei
    Severe but warm teachers and kind seniors are welcome you to join. Let’s study together!
  • ◆Horiuchi sensei
    Studying abroad is a great chance not only for acquiring more language knowledge but also gaining more small success experiences which could bring you bigger confidence. In Meros, we are always willing to support you from bottom of our heart.

Students Guidance division

Living in the foreign country is very uneasy for the first time. Please consult about such uneasiness any time. We are willing to help you to study sincerely relieved. Although we might give severely advice to you if you do bad like being absent from school, it is because we worry about you from the bottom of our heart. You are important students of Meros from entrance to graduation. We assist so that you may think,

“It was a good choice to come to study in Japan”.