Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

Meros Language School Free Art Magazine-vol.3 “Magazine Production Internship”


We are now working on the third issue of our free art magazine,which began as a place for the presentation and exchange of student artwork. We would like to once again thank all
of the students and “S”lecturers who participated in the creation of「Meros Free Art Magazine」.We strive to make this internship not only a chance toprovide artwork, but to experience the process of creating a magazine with your own artwork, and to get an impression of what your future working self will look like. Many students with pride in their own work will gather together to create an impassioned production environment.

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