Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station


About Tomorrow’s Class (Jan 23rd)

Dear Students of Meros Language School Tomorrow (23rd Jan), as usual, you have all classes(AM and PM classes and Art class), Please come to school carefully.

【Event】Christmas party

We held annual Christmas party. Everyone enjoyed with songs, bingo games, quiz and dressing up for Christmas. The students who are busy for studying and preparing for entrance examination usually looked to enjoy and relax. We hope they will take a rest on winter vacation.Let’s work hard for Japanese and preparing for entrance examinations on January!

【Business】Special lecture of Tully’s Coffee Japan company

On behalf of Meros Language School, a lecture had been held by Tully’s Coffee Japan Ltd.Students were able to experience how to make coffee by the drip method. They were taught etiquette and manner to deal with the customers at shop.Moreover, students got to learn Japanese style OMOTENASHI considering one of the important lesson for the beginners.

About Tomorrow’s Class (Oct 23rd)

Dear Students of Meros Language School Tomorrow (23rd Oct), Both AM class and PM class, you don’t have all classes caused by typhoon. Please take care and stay safe in your home.  The next school day is Oct 24th. 

【College】Mock classes at SENSHU UNIVERSITY

We invited professors from SENSHU UNIVERSITY and a demonstration lesson was held by them.It was the first attempt for us but students were able to experience how lectures are held in the campus and get a clearer image of what it is like to study there..tudents’ showed enthusiasm as “I will do my best to enter SENSHU UNIVIERSITY” was seen in their survey and it seems that students were even more determined than ever.

【Event】Entrance ceremony in October 2017

We were blessed with nice weather for our good Oct 2017 entrance ceremony.Our current students translated and are awarded for perfect attendance and scholarship program. So the new students feel to have good start at Meros. From today, they start to have life in Japan for their dream. Let’s have a wonderful life at Meros with our current students!

【Art】Guidance on Art College Preparatory Course in Oct and individual interview

This semester too, we had an explanation meetingfor the students who aim to enter art universities and graduate schools.In the meeting, the instructors of our art course talkedabout art universities in Japan and what to do to attend those schools.Following the meeting, we had individual interviews,and now we’re making learning plans suitable for each student. Entrance examination of art university have changes by many backgrounds.We adopt the changes immediately and we keep supporting our students.

【Art】Special lecture of Tama Art University

We invited a professor from Tama Art University and the lecture was held this year as usual.More students participated in this lecture than in previous lectures. The professor told students how important it is to have a vision of the future and to make an effort “STEP BY STEP” towards the future, by telling students about his experiences.It was impressive to see students listening to the lecture very intently.This lecture was very important lesson for all the students.  

【Vocational school】Special lecture of Tokyo Design Academy

We invitede professors from Tokyo Design Academy and had the special class “Introduction to Drawing Characters”. Students were taught how to draw various expressions of faces (happy, angry, sad, surprised) and actually drew characters. Teachers, who are professional animators, gave each student detailed advices about students’ drawings. Most of the students who attended this special class hope to succeed in cartoon area or animation area in the future. This special class was a great opportunity and students had lots of learning from this.

【Entering higher education】Special Lecture by Shibaura Institute of Technology

  We invited professors from Shibaura Institute of Technology and the special lecture was held by them. This lecture was something new and fresh for the students whose major is in science and it was impressive that they were very interested in it. It seems that the lecture this time was a very valuable opportunity for students to help them decide on a department and a subject.