Meros Language School

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【Vocational school】Collage Design

We invited a professor of ESMOD JAPON and a special lecture was held. Students who hope to go up to higher education in Japan to become a designer in the future participated in this lecture. Each student cut out magazines and photos and then made their original design. After that, they gave a presentation about their concept, theme, design and colors they chose. While students are making their design, the professor advised kindly to each student. Students re-recognized how interesting the designs are and felt that they would do their best towards their dreams.

【Business】Special lecture by Tully’ Coffee Japan Ltd.

We invited people from Tully’s Coffee Japan Ltd. this year and a special lecture was held by them. Students learnt about their working policy and the important points on making coffee. Students had a chance to make coffee as well. This special lecture was a great opportunity for students.  

【Future course】 Explanation meeting on Waseda University

This year too, we invited instructors from Waseda University, and had explanation meetings on preparation for the entrance examination. The meetings took place in two places, one was for students who aim to enter the undergraduate school and the other was for the graduate school. Meros students got information of application procedure, school life, and the other relevant. They could access to detailed information that they cannot usually receive from broacher or homepage. Every participant was motivated by the seminar and renewed their commitment for application.

【Event】 Entrance Ceremony for 2018 April

Entrance ceremony for 2018 April was held on this day. It was a nice beautiful day even if the best time for cherry blossoms had passed 2 weeks earlier. New students should have got a good impression by seeing existing students awarded a prize for perfect attendance. Everyone at Meros, let’s study hard to reach your own goal!

【Art】Guidance on Art College Preparatory Course in April and individual interview

This semester too, we had an explanation meeting for the students who aim to enter art universities and graduate schools. In the meeting, the instructors of our art course talked about art universities in Japan and what to do to attend those schools. Following the meeting, we had individual interviews, and now we’re making learning plans suitable for each student.

【University】Sugino Fashion College Special lecture

We usually invited a professor from Sugino Fashion College and she taught our students how to make a mascot doll as a special lecture. Surprised to see how the wool changes into the animals or characters they like, our students would make the works of their own. Then, they realized how fun it was to make things with their hands.

【Event】 Graduation Ceremony

We held the graduation ceremony today, and our principal gave the certificate to each student. All of the graduates have their own stories from the day they entered Meros to this graduation day. We, teachers and staff, are happy to see not only their great improvement of Japanese skills but also their growth as a person. Graduates, congratulations on your graduation! From now on, they are going in different directions such as going on to higher education or starting to work. We are sure that Meros graduates will try hard to realize their dreams whichever direction they go in. We pray for their success in the future!!

About Tomorrow’s Class (Jan 23rd)

Dear Students of Meros Language School Tomorrow (23rd Jan), as usual, you have all classes(AM and PM classes and Art class), Please come to school carefully.

【Event】Christmas party

We held annual Christmas party. Everyone enjoyed with songs, bingo games, quiz and dressing up for Christmas. The students who are busy for studying and preparing for entrance examination usually looked to enjoy and relax. We hope they will take a rest on winter vacation.Let’s work hard for Japanese and preparing for entrance examinations on January!

【Business】Special lecture of Tully’s Coffee Japan company

On behalf of Meros Language School, a lecture had been held by Tully’s Coffee Japan Ltd.Students were able to experience how to make coffee by the drip method. They were taught etiquette and manner to deal with the customers at shop.Moreover, students got to learn Japanese style OMOTENASHI considering one of the important lesson for the beginners.