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(日本語) 【メロス行事:Facebook更新しました】大学院クラス 同窓会

【Enrolment】The pass story of one student who received an offer from Musashino Art University

Ms. Zhang from China who has been accepted to Musashino Art University   She came to visit Meros and we had the opportunity to interview her. Ms. Zhang has a strong desire to be self-reliant and during a trip to the Seto Inland Sea, she visited an art festival aimed at the recovery of the area and was impressed by the high level of art awareness in Japan, which is striving to restore the region through the power of art. She smiled and said that this was the reason why she decided to come to Japan to study. Please take a look at the testimonial from Ms. Zhang, who has a bright smile … Continue reading

(日本語) 【速報】武蔵野美術大学 合格者

【Enrolment】The pass story of one student who received an offer from HOSEI University

When I asked him “What does MEROS Language School mean to you?”, he answered that “It’s like a family. Let me introduce the voices of our graduate students who enrolled in HOSEI university in this March. He answered interview on Zoom taking time out of his busy schedule of school. 【Học lên】Chia sẻ của học viên thi đậu vào trường đại học pháp chính    Chúng tôi đã tiến hành phỏng vấn qua ZOOM với học viên người Indonesia em ERUJIN,khi được hỏi 「Meros là trường tồn tại thế nào trong em vậy」thì em đã mỉm cười và trả lời rằng 「Meros giống như gia đình」.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Hôm nay , chúng tôi … Continue reading

メロス言語学院 was mentioned in published article!

メロス言語学院 was recently mentioned on WeXpats Guide.WeXpats Guide is an affiliate service of the job search site WeXpats Jobs ( )  and is a portal site that introduces information about Japanese culture and jobs.Information about and messages from teachers of メロス言語学院 were translated into Japanese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean, English, Vietnamese, and Bahasa Indonesia for a total of 7 languages so please check it out!We hope it’s a good reference for those interested in studying Japanese or looking for a Japanese language school.Article link【 】 Forum 【】

【Event】Simulation Open Campus

On a sunny day during the rainy season, we held a “Simulation Open Campus” for current students who are aiming at entering a graduate school of art! Because many of the schools’ open campuses have been cancelled this year, with the help of senior students who already passed famous graduate school of art and art faculty members, we recreated the scenes of actual lab visits and alumni visits to conduct interviews in a realistic environment. The students who were divided into the following fields of study that they want to learn: “Design,” “Visual Arts,” “Art,” “Architecture” and “Advanced”, listened intently to every word of valuable advice from the art faculty … Continue reading

[Enrollment] The pass story of one student who received an offer SHOBI University

 The other day,Mr.Altem from Russia came to see us with a bright smile. He is keep working hard with his new school life after guraduating from MEROS. He told us his voice as one of our graduate students. 【Học lên】 Chia sẻ của học viên thi đỗ vào trường đại học SHOBI       Hôm vừa rồi học viên tốt nghiệp người Nga em ARUCHOM đã tới trường với khuôn mặt dạng ngời.  Em là học viên tốt nghiệp ở Meros tháng 3 năm nay,và đang cố gắng học tập ở môi trường mới.  『Em đã chia sẻ cho thầy cô nghe cảm nhận khi học tập ở Meros!』   

[Enrollment] The pass story of one student who received an offer from Tama Art University and Nihon University.

In this spring, many students have been admitted to schools they wanted to get in and departed MEROS finishing their meaningful school lives. From today, let me introduce the voices of our graduate students of 2019 shining eyes on their bright futures one by one.   【Học lên】 Lắng nghe chia sẻ của các học viên thi đậu vào trường Đại học Nhật Bản, Cao học mỹ thuật TAMA   Mùa xuân năm nay đã có nhiều học sinh thi đậu vào các trường học mong muốn,và đã hoàn thành tốt khóa học ở Meros. Ngày hôm nay trường sẽ đăng tải từng chút một những cảm nhận của học … Continue reading

Study Supporting Relief System for international students in Japan

Every international student, who are going through a financial struggle in Japan because of the pandemic of COVID-19, do you know about the Japanese relief system providing special benefits for self-supporting students who need financial support because of the pandemic ?   This relief system called [GAKUSEI KINKYU SHIEN KYUHUKIN =The special student support benefits] applies to international students. But! If you meet the requirements you will be an eligible applicant for it.   For more information↓ (The site of Ministry of Education)   Beware of the scam pretending office workers of a city office or government agency and If you have any questions or something you don’t understand, … Continue reading

【Notice of restarting SNS】///【Thông báo mở lại SNS】

But the pandemic has changed our lives and we have fallen into complete disarray, we were truly impressed by how many graduates immediately asked after us and gave assistance to us. Our sincere gratitude goes to them. And we also would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you all tirelessly support us.   Now we have produced more than one million graduates. We are so glad to know that they are active brillante in each place and in many areas.   Following the numerous and fervent requests, we start to post the information about our school on Facebook again.   To graduates of MEROS in all … Continue reading