Meros Language School

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【Business】A special lecture by Tully’s Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.

People from Tully’s Coffee Japan Co., Ltd. visited our school and gave a special lecture.Our students learned about the Japanese concept of hospitality known as “Omotenashi” by being taught that they make each cup of coffee by hand after each order. This was a great opportunity to learn about Japanese society and its work culture.

【Art】Special lecture of Tama Art University

Professor Wada visited Meros and gave a special lecture. In this lecture, Professor taught not only about how important designs are but also how important it is to think for themselves and have a clear vision. It seems that students have a stronger desire than before in regards to their designs and their direction.

【Art】Musashino Art University Drawing Review Meeting

We invited professors from Musashino Art University and had drawing review meetings on the 20th of July, 2018. This is the 9th year for this activity and a very valuable opportunity for both our students and Meros. In the every meeting, we can perceive not only about drawing but also about “What are the important things when studying Art.”, “Way of looking at things and a point of view” Students at Meros, again, do your best for entrance examinations!

【Going to higher education】Shibaura Institute of Technology

【Going to higher education】Shibaura Institute of Technology We invited professors from Shibaura Institute of Technology and a special lecture and explanation seminar about entering the university was held on the 13th of July, 2018. It is not easy for foreign students to have a clear image of university life in science field but participating in this lecture, students got a clearer image of what classes are like after entering university. Students at Meros, the time for entrance examination will be in full swing soon. Let’s be well-prepared!

【Event】 Entrance Ceremony for 2018 JULY

We were blessed with nice wealth today for our good July 2018 entrance ceremony. Our current students were also awarded for perfect attendance and scholarship program from ministry of education. There’s no doubt that the seniors left a positive impression on the incoming students. Welcome to the new students at Meros! Let’s work together to reach our goals!

【Art】Orientation for entering to Tama Art University

School staff of Admission section from Tama Art University visited Meros and gave an explanation to students who want to enroll in master courses or faculty courses.Students got to know about the attractive environment suited for studying in Tama Art University and now have a clearer image about what university life would be like after admission.Moreover, students were reminded about what they have to improve in order to be able to reach their own goals.

【Art】Guidance on Art College Preparatory Course in July and individual interview

This semester too, we had an explanation meeting for the students who aim to enter art universities and graduate schools. In the meeting, the instructors of our art course talked about art universities in Japan and what to do to attend those schools. Following the meeting, we had individual interviews, and now we’re making learning plans suitable for each student.   Entrance examination of art university have changes by many backgrounds. We adopt the changes immediately and we keep supporting our students.

【entering higher education】Explanation seminar to enter Hosei University

Staff from Hosei University visited Meros and a seminar on how to enter Hosei University was held on the 26th of June, 2018. He explained mainly about detailed information of entrance examination for departments and university life. It was impressive that students were trying hard to listen to him closely and take memos to understand what Hosei University is all about. Students at Meros, let’s be well-prepared to be able to enter your desired university!

【Art】Explanation Seminar to enter Kyoto University of Art and Design ・ Lecture about portfolio

Staff of Kyoto University of Art and Design visited Meros and an explanation seminar to enter Kyoto University of Art and Design and Lecture about Portfolio were held on the 11th and 12th of June, 2018.Students were informed not only of information about entrance examination but also excellence to learn about Art in Kyoto.Moreover, the lecture about portfolio was for students who want to enter Master course and they learnt about basic ideas of making a portfolio.It was impressive that students were trying hard to listen to professors and take memos.This was a very important opportunity to decide their course seriously and prepare for entrance examinations.

【Going to higher education】Senshu University

We invited professors from Senshu University and a special lecture was held by them. Our students experienced an actual lesson in university and also got to know the details of the entrance examination. Now, students have got a clear idea about going to university.It was a very valuable opportunity for our students to take their decision on their desired university more seriously from now on.Students at Meros, do your best for EJU and JLPT!