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【Vocational School】 Introduction of Drawing Animation Characters


We invited professional animators from Tokyo Design Academy and had a special lecture on drawing animation characters.


In today’s lecture, the participants were instructed especially how to draw faces.

After listening to the detailed explanation on the balance between eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and how to draw a full face and a profile, they tried drawing faces with different expressions.


There are some students who draw characters for the first time, but encouraged by the lecturers, saying “Don’t try to draw well. Draw freely, as you like,” all of the participants drew with no hesitation.


Looking at the finished works, the lecturers gave advice to each participant, which was a very precious occasion.


Since many students take part in this lecture every year, we feel they really like to draw.

We do all we can for our students so that they will go on to the schools which they aim to enter.

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