Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

About Course

Training class

Except regular class time this class is held for training mainly kanji (weak point) for your Japanese skill up with fun and easy,

an example of training class

Overcome Kanji class 

There are many students dislike Kanji. This class makes students overcome kanji through studying with fun.

Training Kanji Class

This Class is for mainly studying N4,N3 level Kanji of JLPT. It is important to train Kanji everyday.

Training listening class

Just listening doesn’t improve the ability for students have week point of listening. This class aims to improve with easy by mainly doing basic training.

Review beginner’s grammar class

Some of students who have studied Japanese in home country and now in intermediate level or more tend to mistake basic grammar. Let’s study and review in this class to strengthen the basic of grammar.

Conversation for beginner’s level

Let’s talk about various topics using beginner’s grammar and vocabulary

General subject for EJU

This class is suitable for students want to study more besides regular class. And more the lessons are divided by the area so that students can choose and concentrate on studying weak points.

curriculum example

Tue Wed Thu
Apr~ Jun Geography Politics History of world
Jul ~Sep History of Japan Geography Economic and International society

Moreover, except regular class time, other free training classes are held to overcome weak point of students.