Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

About Course

Short program

As student’s request, we will open short programs and arrange curriculum from beginner to upper level. Besides Japanese language lesson, we can arrange Japanese culture, extracurricular activities, sight seeing.

*If you require, you can join regular Japanese language class.

Short programs(example)

Day 1 orientation/Introduce myself/YUKATA
Day 2 Conversation for Daily life and sightseeing/Tea celemony/extracurricular activities
Day3 Conversation for Daily life and sightseeing/Japanese play/Free time
Day4 Understanding cross-cultural/calligraphy/extracurricular activities
Day5 Sight seeing KAMAKURA
Day6 Conversation for daily life/Japanese cooking/Japanese cooking
Day7 Conversation for daily life/Comic and animation/Free time
Day8 Conversation for daily life/flower arrangement/extracurricular activities
Day9 Meeting/Japanese Play/Free time
Day10 Sight seeing half day/Farewell party

Voice from participant

I had good time to study in Meros. Although it was very short time, I had many various experiences.You can get friends from another country if you join. Let’s study in Meros.

I joined 2nd time for this program. I think Meros is fun. It’s because teachers are kind and support me a lot, during class it’s possible to experience culture, play or more. I return to country and work, then I will come to Meros to study again. Therefore I will keep studying Japanese in my country.