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2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

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This class is held over Class C level students during Jan to March s 3rd and 4th period. Students can choice some from plenty of classes such as preparation for EJU, Japanese culture, volunteer, young people’s language, dialect, subculture like drama, animation etc.

“Japanese language play”is one of popular class. During speech contest held every the end of February, it’s time to have a chance to show your effort.

Contents of class( for example)

Japanese culture To know Japanese culture from traditional to today
Japanese language play Student start from making script up to performing. Let’s make unforgettable memories!
Manga Japanese Let’s Learn from comic expression up to make comic. Why not join us if you are comic fan!
Learn Japanese with drama Though Drama, let’s study natural conversation expressions!
Learn Japanese with movie Besides Japanese let’s learn culture and background of time.
Learn Japanese with animation most famous subculture in Japan“Animation”Let’s join the class if you are anime fan!
Read Japanese novel. Let’s feel fun though reading original novel
Learn Japanese with classical literature Let’s try to understand to know classical Japan
Measure for EJU Let’s prepare for EJU on Jun.
General Subject Let’s prepare for EJU on Jun.
Basic Mathematics Let’s prepare for EJU on Jun.
Measure for examination to enter a graduate school. Let’s prepare to enter a graduate school on next year!
Write a thesis. Let’s improve technique during the study besides for enter going on to school!
Japanese manner Let’s try to understand manner to visit, have a meal and so on!
Read Japanese news paper. Let’s try to understand latest Japan though news paper.
Debate, Presentation Let’s talk about various theme and do presentation!
Measure to enter Art University Let’s improve Japanese and expression level more so that students can study well while at art university.
Acquire more Kanji. Let’s study Kanji with fun!
Sight seeing in Japan Let’s introduce Japan with Japanese language!
Japanese comedy Let’s try to understand classic comedy to latest Japanese comedy point!
Let’s study with quiz. Though quiz style class, let’s try to understand wide knowledge.
Volunteer experience Let’s help people using Japanese.
Meros editorial department Let’s collect information though interview and make magazine!
Learn with documentary Let’s try to know movement of Japan and world!
Funny Japanese Let’s try to learn except textbooks, from young people’s language to dialect

Above contents of class is as example.
We have glamorous classes more.
The classes that many students have chosen from them are held.