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About Course

Prestige Art University



Therefore in the morning the measure for actual technique to enter Art University is held at Meros under the guidance of teachers who have graduated from Prestigious Art University.  In the afternoon students attend Japanese class.  Since it is needed to improve both Japanese and drawing technique for passing the admission examination of prestige Art University, since in this course students can improve both field effectively, students can concentrate on learning without worrying about Japanese skill.  Both classes are held at Meros so that students in even beginners’ class can learn both well.

>Besides that course Meros has special lectures performed by teachers from Art universities.  In additions Meros offers various events such as an explanatory meeting to going to university, open campus tours, communication with senior who studying in art university etc.  Moreover except class time, experienced teachers give advice about application form, interview, how to write essay to enter Art University etc.  If you study in Meros, nothing to be afraid of!



3 different courses for entering Art University

Class for Master’s course

  • 1,Instructing how to make portfolio.
  • 2,Filling out applications, plan for study, and improving their contents.
  • 3,Instructing the short thesis.
  • 4,Instructing interviews and training. …and so on.


Class for Art University

  • 1,Instructing practical techniques. ★Even from the elementary level of Japanese, the art beginner!
  • 2,The basic knowledge of Japanese Art Universities
  • 3,The tendencies of art colleges and previous tests.
  • 4,Filling out applications, Instructing interviews and training. …and so on.
    ※ If there would be any changes, we would contact you about the details.


Class for a transfer admission of Art University

  • 1,Instructing how to make portfolio.
  • 2,Instructing practical techniques.
  • 3,Filling out applications, Instructing interviews and training. …and so on.