Meros Language School

2-45-7 Higashi Ikebukuro,Toshima-ku,Tokyo zip:170-0013
Nearest Station:JR Yamanoteline Ikebukuro station

About Application

Admission Procedures

(1) Get an application form

Please contact us or our overseas agents. It’s also possible to download it from our website.


(2) Application for admission

Please submit application documents to us or our overseas agents. A list of application documents

▶Documents needed for application

(3) Documents examination

We contact and ask the applicants that have come up to our standard of an entrance to take an examination of interview and writings. After the exam,we prepare the documents needed for inspecting Status of Residence and submit them to Immigration Bureau of Japan.

(4) Notice of the result of an inspection

As soon as an eligibility of Status of Residents has been issued, we or our overseas agents tell(s) it to the applicants

(5) Payment

After confirming that the school fee has be paid, we send the applicants an entrance certificate. A list of our school fee etc

▶School expenses according to a course list

(6) Visa Application

It becomes possible to prepare for living in Japan with getting a visa. In case of hoping to live in a school dormitory, please contact us or our overseas agents.


(7) Enter our school

◆ Documents needed for application◆

  • Application form, resume (Our original form)
  • 8 photographs (30mmX40mm)
  • Expense Support Oath
  • Graduation Certificate and Diploma of an education institution that an applicant graduated last
  • Deposit Balance Certificate of an Expense Supporter
  • Copy of Family Registration of an applicant
  • * From #7 to #9 are needed only when an applicant is from China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Nepal)
  • Kinsman Ship Notarization (Relationship Certificate)
  • Certificate of In Service, Income Certificate of an expense supporter (When the supporter is an employee) Copy of Certificate of Corporation Registration etc. (When the expense supporter is an employer)
  • Tax Payment Certificate etc.

◆Download of Documents◆

* Each document is condensed in editing with password. We are sorry to trouble you, but please inquiry us about password.

Written oath (For a year)

Written oath (For a half year)


* Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to check each information. It’s possible to download it for free.